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Restore and refresh your conservatory with a complete make-over

Create your own good weather!

If it’s still too cold to sit or entertain in the garden, you can bring the warmth inside! The sun shining in will warm up the conservatory – but you don’t want the sun to light up those dirty marks our highlight the gathering moss -  it’ll be all you can see!

If you can see it, then others can too.

You wouldn’t leave your car windscreen dirty would you? Or all the other windows in your house? 

Conservatories are the perfect entertainment area and extend your home into the garden, with a complete conservatory cleaning package from Falcon Maintenance we can ensure that we refresh and restore your conservatory into a living space that you can be proud of and one in which you can confidently entertain your friends and family. We have many delighted customers over the years and you will see from the photographs we are able to achieve some amazing results.

Leave it to the experts.

Cleaning your UVPC conservatory windows, roof, and other areas can be a tricky process. At Falcon Maintenance, we have the cleaning solutions and specialist equipment available that would otherwise be expensive to buy and do yourself. Plus, calling our fully trained experts will mean that you don’t have to take any risks of injury or damage.

Let us restore your conservatory to as good as new!

Whether your conservatory is one year old, or ten years old, at Falcon Maintenance we will do everything we can to ensure a restoration of your conservatory.