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Sand, Sealed and Delivered a complete driveway and patio cleaning transformation

How we prepare and complete patio and driveway restoration.

The images displayed are part of a patio and driveway restoration completed over two days. We pressure washed the paving stones and block paving ensuring that all weeds were removed and all joints cleaned and cleared. We then leave the patio area and driveway for a couple of days to ensure that everything is dried out. This is critical as we need to ensure that when we apply the kiln dried sand that it flows in all of the joints. The sand is swept over the surface of the driveway and patio and we always wait to ensure that all joints are filled. After the sand has settle and we are confident that every joint has been filled we then seal the sand and the surface of the paving blocks and patio slabs which helps to maintain the appearance and also suppresses the regrowth of weeds.  

The end results were very impressive and as always it was good to see the customer's amazement at the complete restoration of both the driveway and patio area. "It looks as though they were laid yesterday"

And we everything we do you can be assured of a freindly, professional service with the team at Falcon Maintenance.