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First impressions count – Especially when it comes to driveways and patio areas

Entertain with no worries!

The patio is a great entertainment area and the driveway needs to look presentable as it’s the first thing people see when they arrive.

As we approach the warmer months in the year, the outside space of your home is going to be used more. As you use your leisure time to sit in the garden, or entertain others, you don’t want to be worrying about or embarrassed of the state of your patio!

You won’t get the same results anywhere else .

The qualified members of the Falcon Maintenance team are enthusiastic about taking on all patios. Any shape, size and material is no match for us!

Our pressure washing equipment and techniques are for patio and driveways of a range of size, materials and states of cleanliness. We use high-powered pressure washing technology to clean on, in and around each individual paving block or slab.

Your patio and driveway will have accumulated dust, dirt and debris over time, that won’t come off with even the most vigorous of sweeps, and we promise you that we will leave them looking as good as new.

Ensure your patio and driveway stay in the excellent condition you've always wanted.

The great thing about having your patio and driveway taken on by the expert team at Falcon Maintenance is that once it’s done, there’s no more fuss.

Eliminate the unsightly nature of the patio and driveway, and then keep it away!

Not only does pressure washing get rid of everything that isn’t wanted, but it keeps it away too.

Our high quality sand ensures that all joints and gaps are filled and will mean that your patio and driveway areas will remain even and smooth.

Due to the professional sealing technology used on the paved areas of the patio and driveway, you can also be sure that the existing weeds, moss and algae will be suppressed.

There’s no question as to whether you’d rather get on your hands and knees and scrub each tile, or whether you’d rather call in our fully trained and friendly professionals.

We always make sure to use state-of-the-art equipment to make your patio and driveway areas look better than ever.

Let us transform your patio and driveway to as good as new and you’ll never look back!