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How to complete a gutter check and clearance to a three - storey Victorian building in Ipswich

The building is one of many Victorian buildings in the town centre and is more than three - storeys high which means that access to view and clear the gutters on the building can be problematic. In this situation, we completed a site survey and risk assessment to ensure that the Falcon team and more importantly members of the public will be safe during the execution of the work. 

We decided to make an early start to avoid inconvenience to pedestrians and the employees who work in the building. Once on site we used a Wi-Fi camera on the top of a graphite pole to assess the amount of debris and moss within the guttering. We then extend the hollow graphite poles to enable us to easily reach and vacuum the gutters of the three storey building (See photo opposite). We discovered a large gathering of moss, weeds and a few broken slates that we were able to clear to ensure the free flow of water to the downpipes. We completed the gutter clearance to both the front and rear of the building. 

All gutters were cleared effectively and efficiently and we managed to complete the work before the rush hour began therefore avoiding any unecessary disruption. Overall it was another satisfying gutter cleaning service completed by team Falcon in Ipswich town centre.

If you have a multi storey building with hard to reach gutters, then call the team at Falcon Maintenance.