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Glass conservatory cleaning with the Falcon Maintenance pure water system

Cleaning the roof of a glass conservatory can be a difficult task and it is essential to have the right equipment ad cleaning systems. Here at Falcon Maintenance we pride ourselves in having everything that is needed to provide an effective conservatory cleaning service. We execute each job with an effective and systematic method to ensure that the cleaning of the conservatory is completed to the customer's requirements every time.

The Falcon Approach to Conservatory Cleaning

We rinse the exterior of the conservatory first with an extended pole and use tap water, this helps to lift and loosen the dirt on the surface and clears any moss and algae that has gathered on the roof. This is then followed by a thorough wash and rinse with our special pure water system which ensures a brilliant finish with no marks or residue.

We then complete the clearing of the gutters with our high-powered gutter vacuum and then hand clean the surface of the gutter, fascia, soffits, window frames and windows.

We then apply a similar approach to the internal conservatory clean, were we start from the ceiling and work our way down, making sure that we clean all of those difficult and hard to reach areas. All of the cleaning internally is by hand and with the use of our own specialist cleaning solutions.

If you want to have a clean and refreshed conservatory then contact us a Falcon Maintenance today for a free no obligation quote and we will help you to enjoy your conservatory, that special living space that helps to connect your home to your garden.