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Essential home maintenance – gutter leaks and blockages

You know autumn’s arrived when mornings are misty, and you can hear the crunch of leaves under your feet. But while falling leaves mark the start of changing seasons, they can play havoc with drains and gutters and lead to long term trouble. Here’s why clearing gutters and downpipes are two essential home maintenance jobs that should be tackled before hunkering down for winter.

Why clean gutters is a priority

It’s not glamorous but cleaning gutters should be a priority. Debris and leaves don’t just weigh them down and potentially cause breaks and cracks; they create blockages too.

Those blockages can lead to damp which can seep into homes over time. In fact, according to insurance provider AXA, leaky gutters are the most common culprits when it comes to isolated damp in homes.

The problem with damp is that by the time it affects the inside of your home, it can cost more to put right compared to dealing with blockages in the first place.

How clogged cutters can affect your home insurance

Most insurers will expect homes to be maintained to a fair standard so ignoring clogged gutters and downpipes can potentially jeopardize claims.

In many cases, if an insurer thinks damage could have been prevented, they can refuse to pay out. So, ignoring clogged gutters and downpipes doesn’t just risk the spread of damp, it can mean you’re left footing the bill for expensive repairs. With that in mind, prevention really is the best solution.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

Ideally, inspecting gutters should be part of your annual home maintenance checklist and cleaned every year. The best time is at the end of autumn after all the leaves have fallen. Doing this ensures you can prepare your home for winter and not have to worry about cold, damp walls when the weather’s at its worst. It’s also a good idea to check gutters and drains after storms or heavy snowfall.

A simple way to check that gutters are working as they should, is to walk around the outside of your property when it’s raining and look for leaks, broken pipes or pooling.

Local help from Falcon Maintenance

Of course, getting to gutters is easier said than done, and in many cases, it’s simply too dangerous for you to attempt without appropriate equipment.

At Falcon Maintenance, we offer a complete gutter cleaning service and can remove debris such as moss, leaves, twigs and grit, as well as ensuring downpipes are clear. We use the latest advanced cleaning equipment, which includes a vacuuming system with super lightweight carbon fibre pole which enables easy and safe access to all problem areas. After all, you wouldn’t expect us to turn up with just a bucket and a ladder, would you?

We can also repair damaged gutters, downpipes and fascias if needed.

To find out how we can help you, call us on 01473 720647/07415 580535 or send us a message online.