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12th Night Talk – Give your guttering some TLC today

At Falcon Maintenance Ipswich we find it really easy to get gushy about guttering. It’s because we know that safeguarding your Suffolk home or business against water ingress - which can lead to serious damage to the fabric of your property, as well as adversely affect your health through damp and mould – is not about luck, but judgement.

The team at Falcon Maintenance would like everyone to have a healthy and happy New Year  -and when it comes preventing issues and expense caused by faulty or blocked guttering systems, we know we can help.   

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Don’t delay – Check your guttering today

When Twelfth Night comes and you need to take down those outdoor Christmas decorations, there’s no better time to do a quick check that downpipes and guttering are doing their stuff effectively. 

And of course, if you’ve attached Christmas lights to gutters or fascias in any way, it’s important to ensure that there’s no damage to the rainwater system when they come down – so go carefully and don’t be tempted to just give strings of lights or gutter-hooks a tug!

Falcon Maintenance – Is your guttering in good shape?

Do you hear a drip-drip? Well-designed and fitted, clean guttering should be able to take all roof water away to a drain. A drip-drip might not appear to be an issue at first, just an irritant, but it could lead to bigger things… 

Is something going overboard? Heavy rainfall can challenge rainwater systems, but a gushy, overflowing gutter can be a result of debris build-up in the channel. Simply leaving debris there is asking for trouble – washed into the drainpipe, it could cause a blockage which is not so straightforward to clear.  

At Falcon Maintenance our advanced vacuum technology can get to the highest and even the most awkwardly located gutters on your Suffolk property. Our service is quick, safe and sound. 

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Does everything join up, or is something missing? Guttering, gutter clips and downpipes can get dislodged, by leaning ladders, falling branches or just accidental knocks. Misaligned, broken or interrupted gutters need immediate attention to prevent damage to the fabric of your property by water ingress.

Does water run down the outside of a downpipe? If the top of your downpipe is blocked with moss, leaves or an accumulation of debris, gravity will help water find another way of reaching the ground…

Are you always sweeping up leaves outside your property? If there are tall trees nearby,  leaves may fall or get blown into guttering as well around your patio. Shady trees can lead to an unsightly build-up of dirt and algae on upvc fascias and rainwater systems too. 

At Falcon Maintenance Ipswich we can help with cleaning gutters both outside and in, and make your soffits and fascias sparkle too.

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Are there clumps of moss on your downpipe drain covers? If your roof or guttering has attracted a growth of moss, then bits will become loose and get washed down your drainpipes. If you spot them at ground level, getting in the way of your drain-cover, it could be a sign that there is more to either come down – or build up and block the flow altogether. 

Does your guttering look rather wonky? Rainwater systems are designed to slant towards the downpipe to help water flow away, but guttering can warp and crack over time. Most upvc rainwater systems have life of 25-35 years before rubber seals turn porous or plastic weak and brittle.

Falcon Maintenance is part of the Ipswich Falcon Group of family-run home improvement and maintenance companies - here to help with everything from hi-tech professional gutter-cleaning to quality rainwater system installation and replacement. 

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Clean up for free this New Year

If you’re feeling lucky, you could win a chance to get your home’s new year off to a clean start. Simply check out our New Year posts on Falcon Maintenance social media for the opportunity to win a free gutter clean in our catchment area. 

Good luck & Happy New Year from all the team at Falcon Maintenance Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.  

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