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Falcon Maintenance gets into the groove – Professional Patio Cleaning Ipswich Suffolk

Rediscover a long and lasting love for your patio this summer, courtesy of the Falcon Maintenance Ipswich professional Suffolk patio cleaning and pressure-washing team.

We'll soon have you walkin’ on sunshine and enjoying those al fresco dining moments on the terrace without worrying about slip sliding away on green, unpleasant and unsightly algae on your paved garden space.

We will sweep, scrape and pressure-wash away grass, moss, leaves and dirt plus the grime and green from your patio, leaving it smart and smooth with kiln-dried sand in between the slabs and sealed to retain its good looks throughout the summer party season and well beyond.

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Mamma Mia, here we go again – Professional patio pressure washing Ipswich, Suffolk & Essex

In early summer, no iconic Abba hit could be more appropriate as a backing track for Carlo Severino and his Falcon Maintenance Ipswich patio pressure-washing team! As the weather warms, patios throughout Suffolk and Essex suddenly sprout green between the paving slabs and birds overhead go about their business with gusto, adding to the slippery mess of aging algae and decaying leaf debris of winter.

It’s a major turn-off for any home-owner, especially when not even a good sweep will do the clean-up trick. And it’s frustrating too when all you really want to do is set up sun-loungers for summer and get the good ol’ barbecue out of hibernation. 

Whether you’ve got a small patch of patio at home or a sizeable outdoor terrace that’s key to your company’s success, a quick call to chart-topping professional patio cleaners Falcon Maintenance can soon restore your patio to your favourite number 1 spot.  

At Falcon Maintenance Ipswich, we make the uninspiring, dirty patios of Suffolk and North Essex our business and our friendly and enthusiastic operatives are fully trained in all aspects of patio preservation techniques and equipped with state-of-the-art pressure-washing systems. 

In fact, one look at your problem patio and you can almost hear us thinking “My, my. How can I resist you?!”

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Our 'Stairway to (Patio) Heaven' – Professional Patio Cleaning Explained

At Falcon Maintenance we won't make a song and dance about cleaning your patio, no matter how much we may joke here about 'getting into the groove'. With years of experience in professional patio cleaning and property maintenance business, we follow a thorough and fully tried and tested procedure step by step, taking into account the size, nature, material and location of your paved garden area.

A site visit assessment allows us to make a full appraisal of power-washing techniques and equipment required and to prepare detailed costings. 

We will also advise whether any pre-treatment of the area is required to remove stubborn moss or weeds, before the steps of our regular pressure-washing, patio cleaning and sealing process is undertaken. 

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Tune in to summer with Falcon Maintenance patio cleaning services  

So what backing track will you choose for your patio this summer? Ed Sheeran’s ‘Evergreen’ or a spot of James Blunt or Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’? 

Professional pressure-washing can transform your paved area quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal inconvenience. From restoring your patio’s true colours to delivering that smooth, even and long-term weed-suppressing finish, Falcon Maintenance Ipswich can give you plenty of reasons to be cheerful and make you proud to welcome family and friends into your garden this year. 

Don’t delay. Transform your patio with a visit from Falcon Maintenance today.

P.S. We can clean other patio styles, like garden decking areas too!  

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