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Suffolk & Essex Professional Patio Cleaning Explained - Discover our Stairway to Patio Heaven

Your smart, clean patio heaven is just one call to Falcon Maintenance and six steps away...

Step 1 - A proper assessment I Professional Patio Cleaning Suffolk

Before any patio cleaning work commences, we make a proper assessment of the shape, size and material of your patio, terrace or hard-standing and its overall condition. 

This enables us to gauge the most appropriate power-washing techniques, the right nozzles to use on the equipment, the distance from which we will apply the water-jet and water pressure required to erase even the toughest stains without damaging the concrete, stone or other patio material.

Step 2 - Biocidal Pre-treatment for Patios & Driveways I Patio Pressurewashing Suffolk

If your patio is severely overrun with weeds or heavily encrusted in moss, Falcon Maintenance also offer a pre-treatment service to kill and loosen up unwanted vegetation. We are also able to assess and advise whether your paving requires additional maintenance to ensure that the process of cleaning, re-sanding or re-pointing and sealing is not undermined and your patio is left looking as good as new.  

Step 3 - Sweep well and tidy I Preparation for Professional Patio Pressure Washing Suffolk

We’ll ensure that the site is tidy – free of any loose debris and preferably cleared of any obstructions such as moveable patio furniture, pots and planters.

Step 4 - Pressure-washing I Patio Moss & Algae Removal Suffolk 

Here’s where we really get into the grooves! We use the latest high-pressure surface cleaning equipment, processes and systems to clean away dirt, algae, moss, dust and debris which is on, in or around each paving stone or slab. 

Step 5 -  Filling the gaps I  Patio Cleaning Specialsts Suffolk 

Only our high quality, kiln-dried sand is brushed into the gaps between the stones, blocks or pavers, so that your patio remains smooth and even. At Falcon Maintenance, we also offer a re-pointing service for patios and pavements as appropriate.

Step 6 - Sealing the patio surface I Professional Patio Sealing Suffolk

We apply professional sealing technologies to the paved area which will suppress any existing weeds, moss or algae, giving your patio long-lasting protection and leaving it looking great for many months to come.    

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We clean more than just patios 

Did you know that Falcon Maintenance Ipswich also offer pressurewashing and cleaning for  paths and driveways at domestic properties in Suffolk and Essex and areas of hard-standing at commercial properties including restaurant terraces, car parks and forecourts?

If your moss or algae problem is on the roof or exterior walls of your property, Falcon Maintenance offer a softwashing biocidal service to reach high-level and potentially fragile external hard surfaces with care. Our biocide softwashing cleans and replenishes roof tiles, render - including silicone-based insulated K-render - cladding and stone exteriors.

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