Render Cleaning & Exterior Wall Softwashing Services in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex 

At Blue Light Exterior Cleaning, we offer professional render cleaning and wall biowashing to remove algae, stains and pollution from the exterior walls of homes and commercial properties throughout Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex. Render cleaning is just part of our extensive range of ‘softwash’ and pressure washing services.

Whether located in the countryside or in an urban environment, the exterior walls of your beautiful home or business property can become dull and lack-lustre over time as organic growth like moss, algae and lichen take hold, or as air-born pollutants build up on their surface. 

Stone-clad exteriors, rendered exterior walls, walls with silicone-based, coloured and insulated K render or walls with any sort of cladding can soon appear tired, ‘unloved’ and discoloured by an uninvited ‘invasion’ of spore-spreading and filament-rooted organisms or by potentially acidic and eroding dirt. It can be disheartening when, through no fault of your own, you see the curb-appeal of your property diminishing and are left wondering whether the only answer for getting rid of those stubborn and potentially harmful organisms is the all-too-expensive one of replacing the cladding itself.

Here’s where Blue Light Exterior Cleaning??????? can help . Our fully trained, City & Guilds aproved team of professional softwash technicians have the qualifications and know-how to shift stubborn staining on exterior walls sensitively, without undermining the integrity of your building.

Biocide ‘softwashing’ for cleaning rendered walls – The smart & cost-effective solution

At Blue Light Exterior Cleaning, we use strong and effective, professional biocidal cleaning products to kill off algae or organic growth and remove pollutants from clad exteriors. Our biocidal products do not contain acid or bleach, are silicone-based K render-friendly and they do not stain or damage hard cladding materials. 

We are skilled and fully qualified in assessing the type and strength of the professional-grade cleaning product required to both remove the organic material and protect the surface from recurrence as part of the all-important ‘soft washing’ – as opposed to harsher ‘pressure-washing’ – process. 

K render wall cleaning, cladding cleaning and softwashing Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex Call Blue Light Exterior Cleaning now

It is important to remember that render itself - like pebbledash, K render or exterior wall surfacing of any kind - is only technically a form of cladding, attached to the building to give added protection against the elements. If pressure-washing techniques were to be used, the sharp jets of water could easily cause damage to the render and undermine its strong bond with the wall. 

‘Soft’ washing does not use any ‘blast’ techniques to achieve dirt and algae removal - the organic growth and stubborn stains are killed off by gently brushing in the biocide solution using a low-pressure spray facility, linked to our low pressured sprayers. 

The exterior rendered wall cleaning process can generally be undertaken within a few hours. Factors affecting this include:

  • amount of organic growth to be removed
  • nature of cladding material
  • state of repair of cladding / wall
  • height of wall area to be cleaned
  • general accessibility of area needing treatment.

Our Blue Light Exterior Cleaning surveyor can advise of the time required for the job during our free and thorough site survey. From this visit, we will prepare a full and detailed no obligation quote. Arrange your appointment with Blue Light Exterior Cleaning now.

Right to the roofline - Exterior wall render cleaning in Ipswich, Suffolk & Essex

Blue Light Exterior Cleaning can transform the rendered walls or cladding on your property at every level. Don’t worry about that elusive green bit under the eaves or the dark shadowy areas just under those dormer windows – our fully trained team will arrange appropriate scaffolding to work from, or operate out a cherry picker (mobile elevated work platform) to reach every affected part of your exterior wall and give it the deep clean it needs to get it looking smart – and keep it looking that way. 

Whether it’s moss or green algae exacerbated by nearby trees, lichen or black streaks from long-term organic growth or a build-up of urban grime, we can rise to the occasion with our effective soft-washing equipment to hand and make a lasting difference right to the roofline. And if you’re concerned about a build-up of moss or algae on your roof, our team can help with moss removal from tiles and roof cleaning too.

Our comprehensive exterior rendered wall softwashing and k-render cleaning package includes:

  • Site preparation - sheeting up areas around the walls to be treated and damping down the affected walls
  • Application(s) of professional long-lasting biocide using our soft-pressure spray equipment ie.brushing in the biocide to agitate the affected area.
  • Full report issues with before and after pictures.

Professional Rendered Wall Cleaning and Cladding Cleaning in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex Call Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich now  

Need to know – Blue Light Exterior Cleaning render cleaning & softwashing services Ipswich Suffolk & Essex

All our professional active biocide cleaning products are top-branded, fully tried and tested as standard and especially formulated to remain fully effective when applied with hard water.  We do require access to a water source at your property (such as an outdoor tap) for this soft-washing process. 

The biocide soft-washing treatment does not risk staining or damaging hard surfaces and is approved for K render cleaning. 

Our render cleaning service for external walls is available all year round, but best results are ensured when temperatures are above 8°C at the time of application, with no rainfall for 24 hours afterwards.

We make every effort to protect surrounding vegetation, but require windows and doors to be shut and garden planters be relocated away from the site area. Pets should also be kept inside and vehicles parked away from the house during the treatment of the walls particularly if our team are working at height.

Render Cleaning & Exterior Wall Softwashing Services in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex Call Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich now  
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Did you know...?

Blue Light Exterior Cleaning also offer a range of 'soft-washing' services to remove dirt, algae and moss from fragile areas such as roofs.

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