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Blue Light Exterior Cleaning gets into the groove - Professional Patio Cleaning Ipswich Suffolk

Not feeling very upbeat about your dirty, green patio? Want to be walkin’ on sunshine rather than slip sliding away when you entertain al fresco this summer?

Professional patio cleaning and specialist patio pressure washing from Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich is the quick and cost-effective way to say hello to a smart, safe and welcoming paved garden space and wave goodbye to dirt, weeds, unsightly moss and slippery algae. 

Here’s how we get into the groove(s), so you can rediscover a long and lasting love for your patio.

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Suffolk & Essex Professional Patio Cleaning Explained - Discover our Stairway to Patio Heaven

A step by step guide to sheer bliss - how skilled Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich professional patio cleaners turn a garden terrace that's as dirty as hell into your own little bit of outdoor heaven.

At Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich, our professional pressurewashers deliver impressive and long-lasting results through their thorough approach to cleaning patios and paving at domestic and commercial properties throughout Suffolk and Essex.

A really smart, cost-effective service, so you've money left over to pep up the planters too with a trip to the garden centre!

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Shining Examples - Professional Conservatory Cleaning Suffolk and Essex

Throughout Suffolk and Essex, you’ll find shining examples of how Ipswich conservatory cleaning experts, Blue Light Exterior Cleaning, have brought conservatories back to life and made their owners proud to own them again.

At Blue Light Exterior Cleaning, we put customer satisfaction first. We see first hand how professionally cleaning your conservatory inside and out can make a difference about the way you feel about your home.

But there's a feel-good factor all round too about looking after your garden room investment - we're always delighted to hear from our customers how we helped deliver an extra ray of sunshine or two.   

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Brighten up your day - Conservatory Valeting Suffolk and Essex

This year we all need a bit of sunshine more than ever. So why let any dirt, grime or green on your conservatory dull your day?

A full conservatory valet from Ipswich conservatory cleaning specialists, Blue Light Exterior Cleaning, will not only help see the light, but can make that enthusiasm for your garden room investment at your Suffolk or Essex property bloom all over again. 

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Suffolk Residential Gutter Cleaning - Just how much does cost? 

The cost of water damage to your home caused by leaky guttering can be quite chilling.

Calling in the services of a professional gutter cleaner like Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich regularly - or when you suspect that your home has guttering problems - can save you £££s.

But what do professional gutter cleaning services include? And above all, what does safe, professional gutter cleaning for your detached Suffolk home, semi-detached property or terraced Ipswich home really cost?     

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12th Night Talk - Give your guttering some TLC today

Want to give your home a happy new year? Getting blocked or leaky guttering sorted by Blue Light Exterior Cleaning can stop damage to your Suffolk property and save you money. 

Traditionally, leaving decorations up beyond the twelfth night after Christmas brings bad luck. But whenever you take down your outside Christmas lights, if you check the effectiveness of your home’s rainwater system, you could be doing yourself a real favour.

Here are the omens to look out for when you’re up that ladder – or simply looking up at your roofline.

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3 Wise Tips - Putting up Christmas Lights on your Guttering

Making the exterior of your Suffolk home merry and bright with decorative lighting this Christmas? Be sure to attach Christmas lights to your gutters safely and securely. At Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich, we’d like to share a few top tips from our expert gutter cleaning team along with seasons greetings to all our customers. 

Using the right equipment to hang outdoor Christmas lights around your Suffolk property - and doing a quick check of your guttering too - can make all the difference to the efficiency and longevity of your rainwater system. Here’s how to make your external Christmas lights gutter-ly beautiful! 

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Essential home maintenance - gutter leaks and blockages

Falling leaves can play havoc with drains and gutters and lead to long term trouble. Here’s why clearing gutters and downpipes are two essential home maintenance jobs that should be tackled before hunkering down for winter.

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Gutter cleaning - Essential Autumnal property maintenance

Autumn is the time to complete essential home and garden maintenance before the onset of Winter. As the leaves fall from the trees and we experience some wetter weather it is important to check that the rain water flows from our properties via the gutters and down-pipes..

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How to maintain your property - A cost effective solution

Over the past couple of months we have been maintaining and repairing gutters and down-pipes on residential and commercial properties across Suffolk and Essex. In a high number of instances we have had to repair and clear blockages that have caused by the lack of regular maintenance. In this article we highlight why it is more cost effective to have gutters checked and maintained on an annual basis in order to avoid expensive repairs..  

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Spring into Summer - Time to get outside and enjoy the garden

So much to do and so little time for the essential property and garden maintenance

It seemed as though we had to wait a long time for Summer to arrive this year and for many people it is only now that we are paying attention to our outdoor living space.

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How to complete a gutter check and clearance to a three - storey Victorian building in Ipswich

Blue Light Exterior Cleaning were recently invited to check and clear the guttering which formed part of a three storey Victorian building located in Ipswich town centre. And with the use of the latest gutter clearance technology we were able to complete the work efficiently and effectively, without disruption to the people working in the office and members of the general public..

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Glass conservatory cleaning with the Blue Light Exterior Cleaning pure water system

One of the highlights this Summer has been our ability to offer a professional glass conservatory cleaning service. A glass conservatory needs special care and can only be cleaned effectively with a purified water cleaning system..

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First impressions count - Especially when it comes to driveways and patio areas

Having a neat driveway and patio gives the whole house an instant smart look, showing that you have cared well for the presentation of your land.

The first thing that people see when they come to your house is the driveway. You don’t want to create the wrong impression.

A clean patio and driveway can really enhance and uplift the entire look of your house and the garden area.

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Sand, Sealed and Delivered a complete driveway and patio cleaning transformation

We always gain a lot of pleasure from helping transform peoples living space, especially a driveway or patio. The effect it can have on the overall look of a property is amazing. See attached more images of a recent driveway clean, sand and seal completed in Ipswich.

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Restore and refresh your conservatory with a complete make-over

If you have a conservatory in which you enjoy that extra bit of relaxation space then you are lucky! It can be the perfect place to wind down, relax, or entertain.

But the tricky part about having a conservatory is keeping it maintained. You can give it a quick wipe down every now and again, but it’s not really very clean.

Many areas of a conservatory are hard to reach, and so proper cleaning will take the time and energy that you just don’t have! Call in the professionals at Blue Light Exterior Cleaning and we’ll be more than happy to transform your conservatory into a space you’ll be proud of.

Once it’s had that deep clean it’ll be easy to maintain – and we’re happy to do that too!

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Another driveway transformation from the team at Blue Light Exterior Cleaning

This week we have been making good use of the dry weather to complete some driveway restoration work in Ipswich. And as a result we received a great review from another satisfied customer.

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Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance - Not a subject you think about!

Gutters and down pipes are crucial to the function of your house. They control the flow of rain water from the roof and into the drainage system of your property, avoiding prolonged contact with the roof, facias, walls, foundations and other areas of your house and consequently prevent damage to the interior, as well as the exterior of your property. In this article we explore the importance of regular gutter clearing and maintenance.

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