UPVC cleaning and restoration by Falcon Maintenance serving Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex

Over time your UPVC windows and doors and UPVC cladding can become discoloured from the environment and general wear and tear. Our UPVC cleaning service is able to return dirty or discoloured UPVC to its original state using our own range of cleaning solutions and techniques. At Falcon maintenance we can restore all UPVC back to its original state leaving them looking new and clean.

Falcon Maintenance UPVC cleaning methodology

We carry out an in depth clean to every part of UPVC windows and doors. We use specialised products and equipment which helps us tackle the hardest of jobs. When opening your window, you may find a build-up of dirt, dust and cobwebs in the tracks of your window. This can be very unsightly & could even cause potential damage to the hedges and tracking causing drafts.

Our team of UPVC cleaning specialist can apply the right cleaning technique to remove a build-up of grime, dirt and discolouration.

We also offer a service where we can remove scratches and marks from your UPVC frames.

Let Falcon Maintenance give a new lease of life to your UPVC windows and doors by having them cleaned and restored.

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