Window cleaning - Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex

Regular window cleaning is essential if you are to avoid the build-up of dirt, grime and algae which occurs as a result of the local environment and weather conditions. Clean windows provide a well maintained appearance to any property as well as offering the house holder a clear vision of the garden and in extreme cases can improve the amount of daylight within the property.

Falcon Maintenance offers a window cleaning service using a traditional methods of cleaning. For instances where windows are hard to reach or access, we use a water-fed pole with water jets and a soft brush that can extend up to the fourth storey of a building. All cleaning is carried out without any detergents – only purified water which delivers deep cleaning of the highest standards. Your windows will shine with cleanliness, and smudges will be a problem of the past. The window sills and frames will be cleaned as well (if UPVC).

Using these two proven methods will provide our residential and commercial customers with the best of results.

We cover a wide area which includes Ipswich, Suffolk & Essex area.

Neighbour discount available:

  • Booking with one neighbour will entitle you to 10% discount
  • Booking with two neighbours will entitle you to 15% discount
  • Booking with three or more neighbours will entitle you to 20% discount


Up to 50% off on regular window cleaning


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