Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Services in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex 

Smarten up and protect your Suffolk or Essex property with safe and affordable moss removal roof cleaning services from Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich. 

As approved and certified, professional ‘softwashing’ specialists, we use powerful, especially formulated safe biocide cleaning products with the latest non-pressure cleaning technologies to remove moss, algae, mould and lichens from roofing materials without damage.

Our biocide treatments also replenish your roof tiles as part of our service, leaving your roof extra smart by preventing further roof deterioration by organic matter.

Having the mossy roof of your home professionally cleaned can significantly reduce ongoing maintenance issues and save you £££s. What’s more, the smart and lasting result of a moss-free roof from the soft-washing process can really make your home look loved again and restore pride in your property. 

Roof moss removal - Long-lasting superb results, safely delivered  

Thanks to the efficacity of latest professional cleaning solutions, technologies and equipment and the skill of our fully insured and qualified biocide roof cleaning technicians, Blue Light Exterior Cleaning can transform your property and bring back your roof’s true colours without the need to climb on its potentially fragile structure. 

We work from cherry pickers (mobile elevated work platforms) or scaffolding to clear and kill moss and other organic material which have taken root - material which may not only create premature degradation and damage to your roof, but place the fabric of your property at risk through the increased threat of blocked gutters and downpipes.

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Why moss removal from roofs is so important - Softwashing Services Ipswich 

All roofing materials suffer from some degree of deterioration and degradation with age – and the  warning signs can be easy enough to spot. 

  • Black streaks or ‘straining’
  • Patches of green algae
  • Lichen
  • Moss cover 

Is your roof covered or patchy with any of the above? If so, it is time to give the Blue Light Exterior Cleaning team a call. 

Eroded by the elements, the protective layer on the face of any roof covering will be undermined over time. As water begins to penetrate the porous fabric of the tile, leaving the material continuously moisture-rich, it becomes an ideal damp breeding ground for organic matter and micro-organisms with filament root systems like some algae. 

Left unattended, these spores and bacterial nasties can further eat away the protective layer and accelerate the decomposition of the roofing material. As the moss spores become ingrained into the very fabric of the roof, they will weaken it and cause irreversible damage. The black streaks for example are evidence of the ongoing proliferation of blue-green cyanobacteria, a type of algae – the increasing dead cell debris of an organic infestation.   

Our roof cleaning service for moss removal and algae eradication 

  • Site preparation including sheeting up areas and vegetation around the roof where work is to be undertaken
  • Scrape off all moss 
  • Application(s) of professional biocide to the affected roof, using our soft-pressure spray equipment. This is followed by brushing in the biocide to agitate the area. 
  • Vaccuuming of all gutters ensuring clearance of leaves, moss , grit, twigs and debris. Checking of downpipes to ensure no blockages.  
  • Full report issues with before and after pictures.

Professional Roof Moss Removal Cleaning Services Suffolk and Essex  Call Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich now

Need to know – Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Roof Moss Removal in Ipswich Suffolk and Essex

The active biocide softwash cleaning solutions used by Blue Light Exterior Cleaning against surface discolouration and to eradicate growth of organic matter and micro-organisms on domestic roofs do not contain acid or bleach.

We use only professional top-branded active biocide cleaning products which are fully tried and tested.

Our active biocide cleaning products are especially formulated to remain fully effective when applied with hard water.  

The treatment does not risk staining or damaging hard surfaces. 

Our roof moss removal service is available all year round, however results may be affected by rainfall within 24 hours of application or if temperatures are below 8°C at the time of application.

Access to a water source at your property (such as an outdoor tap) is generally required for this roof treatment. 

Although the Blue Light Exterior Cleaning team take care to cover over and protect vegetation and areas around the roof where work is to be undertaken, we ask that all windows and doors are shut and garden planters be relocated away from the site area. Pets also need to be kept inside and vehicles parked away from the house during the duration of the roof treatment procedures.

The amount of time required to carry out the moss removal roof treatment process is dependent upon a number of factors including the roofing material, roof pitch, access and the amount of organic growth to be eradicated. We can advise of the time required for the job when we carry out a free and thorough site visit in preparation for a full and detailed no obligation quote.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Services in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex Call Blue Light Exterior Cleaning Ipswich now

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Did you know...?

Blue Light Exterior Cleaning also offer a range of 'soft-washing' services to remove dirt, algae and moss from more fragile areas such as rendered walls.

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